Although there are currently a number of global travel restrictions, this does not mean that you have to wait until your travel plans are valid. On the contrary, it’s time to dream and consider new opportunities. Is there a better place to provide destination inspiration than the stunning ABC Islands of the Caribbean?

The three westernmost islands of the Caribbean north of Venezuela are the ABC Islands of the Netherlands Antilles, namely Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. This large trio offers a completely Caribbean experience full of unique flora and fauna and is less than 50 miles apart, making the island easier to navigate by superyacht.


With idyllic beaches and an interesting history, Aruba is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the Caribbean. Aruba was about 21 miles long and 6 miles wide and was first settled by Venezuelan natives around the year 1000.

This is why most Arubans today speak Dutch with Creole Papiamento. With a small population but a great ethnic diversity, Aruba shares more than 90 nationalities among a population of 100,000. The culture and cuisine of the island reflects Haitians, Dominicans and Colombians. Without large cities per se, the island consists of six districts, namely Noord, Oranjestad, Paradera, San Nicolas, Santa Cruz and Savaneta.

The unofficial cultural capital is Aruba’s southernmost neighborhood of San Nicolas, which is called the sunrise side. Here the streets are decorated with colorful murals of international street artists, and every year the Aruba art Fair is held on the island. The cuisine here is an exhilarating mix of every ethnic cuisine imaginable. The traditional Aruban dishes of pita bread with corn flour, beef stew and stuffed cheese are delicious and, of course, the seafood is fresh every day. Arikok National Park makes up almost a fifth of Aruba and has 8, 000 hectares of protected wilderness, filled with natural pools or” conchis” that provide a protected bath to the east coast. Head north to admire the rock formations of Ayo with panoramic views of the island itself-the rocks of Casibari, which the Caiquetio Indians considered sacred, are especially fascinating.

As one of the Caribbean coastal cities, Aruba has many first-class sandy beaches washed by turquoise waters. Calm sea, curving coasts and bright white sand offer truly spectacular views as you approach the yacht. Whether you are looking for reef-filled strands for snorkeling and diving or bays surrounded by waves for windsurfing, the diverse selection here offers something for everyone. Boca Grandi is located on the wild east coast and is breathtaking. Popular with kitesurfers, the remote location means that they often have everything to themselves-next to the fabulous Tortuga Beach bar. Palm Beach, the beautiful baby beach and the eco-friendly Arashi Beach are all very popular and offer relaxed charm and breathtaking views.


Untouched and beautiful, Bonaire is the perfect island for a short break and one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. With an area of only 294 square kilometers and about 19,000 inhabitants, the sublime climate and fascinating culture of the island attracts many. With some of the clearest waters in the world for underwater adventures and cruising spots perfect for super yachts, this is an island for water lovers. The nature here is a great attraction for visitors and all the coastal areas have been declared a marine park, which is now known worldwide for its conservation efforts.

Apart from the wonderful opportunities on or under the waves, there are also a variety of great things to do and see in Bonaire. Rincon is the oldest town in Bonaire and also the oldest settlement on the ABC Islands. Strategically built in a valley to repel invaders, you can admire the over 130-year-old and history-steeped Museo Chich’I Tan House. For centuries, the evaporation ponds of Bonaire have been the center of the Caribbean salt industry, cultivating beautiful pink dwellings that are worth a fascinating visit. These are washed and stacked into tall pyramids, which are then processed and shipped all over the world. Walk through the main shopping area of Kaya Grandi and admire the impressive architecture. The colourful colonial-style buildings date from the period after 1800.

With an abundance of fabulous coral reefs and established shipwrecks, diving in Bonaire is great and offers protection from currents. This underwater paradise is suitable for all levels of difficulty and has more than 350 species of fish and 57 soft and hard corals. Nearby is Klein Bonaire, uninhabited, accessible only by water. Surrounded by reefs, it is a popular place for diving and snorkeling in the utmost privacy. Take an exciting kayak tour through the mangrove forests of Lake Bay-known as a nursery, you can observe rays, seahorses and LOBSTERS that thrive here on seagrass meadows.

With an extraordinary culinary scene, the local products are divine and full of flavor. There is an impressive mix of gourmet restaurants and waterfront restaurants offering authentic and traditional dishes. Try the only cactus liqueur in the world, light green and made from the abundant cadushi cactus-do not miss the opportunity to visit the cadushy Distillery.


Wild natural and full of beautiful solitude off the overcome track, Curacao is a piece of paradise. With friendly locals, year-round temperate climate and endless activities, this colorful island really offers a picturesque punch. Walk through the lively pedestrian area of Punda Willemstad, where the picturesque streets and alleys are full of shops, cafés and picturesque terraces. History buffs will appreciate the opportunity to visit museums, plantations and colonial villas.

From a yacht, you can explore the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of the beautiful limestone formations and the famous statue of the Virgin In the Hato Caves, meet turtles in the Shete BoKa National Park and dive the waves against an underground cave in Boka Tabla for an immersive experience. Soak up the sun on 35 spectacular beaches with golden sand and sparkling turquoise waters. The small beach of Boka Sami is ideal for snorkeling and diving with a fishing pier, a saltwater trail behind it and great local restaurants. Diving is a national pastime on Curacao with a variety of places and wrecks to explore. In Santa Martha there are several places with the remains of a small plane, where the conditions are ideal for taking macro close-ups. Barracuda Point, also called Punt ‘I Piku, near Barbara Beach, at the mouth of the Spanish water, is full of barracuda and a lively reef life. Kathy’s Paradise near Newport takes its name from a healthy reef covered with corals and sponges, ideally combined with a dive at Smokey’s, where experienced divers will find steep overhangs and steep slopes.

Sail to Klein Curacao, a small desert island of volcanic rock off the main coast with the longest and whitest beaches. Divers, snorkelers and fishing enthusiasts are welcome here. Visit the narrow channel flanked by rocky cliffs to reach Playa Lagun, with a variety of luminous reef fish and turtles to discover among corals and sponges. Nature lovers will also enjoy Playa Santa Cruz, surrounded by a mangrove that attracts a variety of fascinating native birds.