Just because we can’t leave home doesn’t mean we can’t go out! We must turn on the generators of our dreams; in any case, this time will pass. The last hurdles of time will come to an end and we will travel again – defiantly. Then our travel dreams will return to the atmosphere of “come true”. Get ready!

Here he will guide you through the years… Let’s return to the era of the Pharaohs, still one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt-Hurghada.

Hurghada is a beautiful city, ideally located in the Red Sea province of Egypt. one of the main tourist centers is located just 400 km from the capital. It is one of the main tourist towns on the Red Sea coast; it is known for water sports, cool enjoyment, soft sand, fun nightlife and hot weather. Many tourists go to Hurghada for a great vacation, especially in the winter season in Egypt.

Hurghada recently added more adventures to its program and offered visitors a slightly different experience: the Museum of the Pharaohs. The New Museum of the Pharaohs of Hurghada is fully made in accordance with world-class museum standards! It combines artistic aspects and the prosperity of Egyptian civilization over thousands of years; the museum exhibits about 1,000 exhibits to attract more tourists to Hurghada.

It is not only the first ancient Museum in the Red Sea governorate, but also the first Egyptian Museum, the result of a joint project between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Antiquities, the Red Sea governorate and private investors. The museum has a specially equipped Recreation Area, Shopping Center and parking.

In addition, the Hurghada museum offers ancient sports, including river fishing and hunting, as well as music and dance performances; here you can see scenes of ancient dances and musical performances from the time of the Pharaohs to the present day. The exhibition features models showing how it was done and how the ancient Egyptians decorated their tombs. The museum aims to encourage beach lovers to visit museums during their holidays in the coastal areas of Egypt.

Get ready for your next visit to Hurghada, Egypt; explore the great Egyptian civilization of different eras and plunge into the breathtaking waters of the Red Sea in one place – Hurghada.

The museum is located in the south of Hurghada, a few minutes from the tourist promenade and Hurghada International Airport. It occupies 3,000 m2 on a plot of 10,000 m2. It has 6 departments: