Colombia’s most famous writer, the inimitable Gabriel García Márquez, once said in a press interview that he would never have been able to write his books if he had not been a journalist – because all his material would have been ripped from reality. Wandering through the pastel colonial structures of Cartagena’s labyrinthine cobbled streets, one could be forgiven for having truly entered the magical and realistic world of m7rquez’s fantasy and wonder.

As a city with timeless, effortless charm, exploring the walled Old Town in the sweltering heat of the Caribbean is a multisensory experience: register the rhythms of the music here, enjoy the melody of heavily accented Caribbean Spanish, and sample the region’s colorful and exotic cuisine.

Luxury hotels in the historical center of the city, as a rule, are located in beautifully restored colonial buildings of various sizes. With all the necessary comfort and the opulence of Spanish imperial architecture, here are some of our favorite properties in Cartagena:

Casa San Agust

Without a doubt, the most beautiful boutique hotel in the city and perhaps the best hotel in the whole country.The charming Casa San Agustín is located in the shell of three old colonial houses, which have been carefully restored to present their original historical features. For example, the hotel’s spacious outdoor pool features a shade bag made from the exposed brick remains of a Spanish water collection system with elegant arches reminiscent of an ancient Roman aqueduct. The historic building blends harmoniously with a fresh, airy and contemporary interior design inspired by the delicate sapphire and white tones of the Caribbean sky and sea.each exquisite guest room offers guests a relaxing and cozy retreat in an atmosphere that is still very reminiscent of a private residence. A few steps from the cathedral and several other historic sites of the Old Town, this hotel enjoys a privileged location.

For guests who want to taste the best Caribbean cuisine in Cartagena, Casa San Agustín houses one of the most prestigious restaurants in the Walled City: Alma. Guests can expect a fantastic meal in the restaurant’s spacious halls, which uses local organic ingredients in a variety of innovative dishes that combine state-of-the-art culinary techniques with centuries-old recipes and Caribbean traditions. A special recommendation would be to try the cazuela; a delicious fish stew made from fresh lobster, shrimp, mussels, squid, squid and sea fish, cooked in sweet and spicy coconut sauce. Even guests looking for maximum relaxation during their luxury trip will be very happy here. The magnificent Aurum spa offers an extensive menu of indulgent pampering, while for those who leave the hotel, and the hotel organizes day trips to the exclusive and secluded private beach on the nearby island of Bari.

Sofitel Porto Velho Santa Clara

During extensive restoration work on the ruins of the monastery and the Hospital of Santa Clara in the Old City of Cartagena, construction workers found an ancient crypt, where the skeletons of nuns and a girl with unusually long copper hair were discovered. Coverage of this event for a local newspaper inspired then journalist Gabriel Garcíxia M9rquez to include a fantastic interpretation of the story as an episode in his successful novel “Love and Other Demons”. Guests can explore this piece of colonial and literary history through a glass portal in Sofitel’s elegant El Coro Bar, an elegant room in the hotel’s colonial courtyard.

The world-famous Sofitel Legend Santa Clara is one of Cartagena’s most famous hotels for good reason. Located in Moderna Moderna Annex, which houses the modern gym and spa, as well as several floors of luxurious rooms, the hotel is the ideal choice for luxury travelers who prefer the comfort of a larger property with expanded facilities. This elegant property has the largest outdoor pool in the Walled City and offers magnificent views of the Old Town Walls and the sea from the sunny terraces overlooking the pool. Enjoy fine Caribbean cuisine at one of the hotel’s two restaurants, as well as access to the well-stocked plonk cellar. Architecturally, the hotel is a valuable historical gem, and the excellent service takes visitors back to an opulent era of imperial decay.

Casa Pestagua

Casa Pestagua, known as one of the most beautiful houses in Cartagena, once belonged to the incredibly powerful count of Pestagua, an 18th-century aristocrat who was key to the Spanish colonial administration of the city. Built in traditional Spanish style, the hotel is located in a sunny courtyard with tropical plants, where the swimming pool is now located. With only eleven unique suites, the neutral rooms have a decidedly royal atmosphere and include complex antique rooms reminiscent of the luxurious life of the former residents of the House.

This tasty Relais & Ch9teaux serves a rich breakfast every morning and the table in the hotel’s dining room is worthy of Cartagena’s Golden Age castles and palaces. Sumptuous French-inspired dishes, which can accommodate up to 25 guests, create the atmosphere and charm of large aristocratic banquets here. Elegant common areas such as the stylish bar and rooftop hot tub complete this luxurious oasis in the walled city, where attention to detail through the shop’s excellent service makes every guest feel as aristocratic as the original owner.