Of course, for most people right now, traveling is the last thing they do easily. For others (like me) it’s something they live and breathe. The opposite climate only affects me, saves this industry and continues to inspire people around the world to create and explore new experiences. I hope this article inspires you to move forward, stay positive and not look to the future!

Paris is widely considered the capital of fashion. The French have been known since Louis XIV for their ability to launch style trends (be it fashion or cuisine) at the Court of Versailles.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Paris, whether with family, historically or alone, you’ll really want to do it in style. Yesterday’s style is more than clothes, it is also a matter of introduction and being a global art. Recognizing what in French may seem a bit flashy for a walk through the city of lights – but it’s actually more doable than many think. We open up all the possibilities for you to see Paris in style – from the clothes you carry in your suitcase, to the place where you stay, to the art and the way you spend your time in the city, and not one of the most important-where you eat.

What to pack

First of all, you can proceed quite methodically when it comes to choosing what to take with you in your suitcase. If you want your guests to enjoy mixed opportunities in Paris, you should sign up to dress up. In Paris, you will never see insiders wearing sportswear unless they are actually exercising. There are some basic rules to follow. The French and Europeans in general dress more than Americans want. First of all, despite the comfort of yoga pants, most bets only wear them in the yoga studio (they usually change clothes in the studio). And even in the summer heat, you can forget about the French, who wear sandals with a flap. These are considered suitable only for the beach-the versatile problems for the reason that when you walk through the streets of the city, your feet have to get dirty in slippers.

Because you are sure that you are well dressed and your outfit does not lower the tourists, you should follow these French fashion tips. Start with basic jeans, which are your best friend. They are casual, but can be dressed with blazers, sweaters, a trendy top, and worn with boots or high heels. For the rest of your betting wardrobe, choose clothes of different colors – black, navy, beige and white. So you can combine several outfits and do not have to worry about taking a large suitcase to the airport. Add accents to these basics with colorful scarves and jewelry (both are easy to pack!).

For your shoes, you can conduct yourself as comfortably as possible, because you will spend a lot of time exploring the city or walking through the galleries of its space museums. But that doesn’t mean you need the style. The French are fond of baskets (sneakers), so they choose fashionable pairs that not only lead well, but also stand out.

When it comes to beauty, the French look for beauty routines of deceptive simplicity. It is a choice that French women wear less make-up than American women, but what was said yesterday in France is a detailed attention to skin and hair care. Seeing what nature has to do with high-quality hair and hair products seems to be the rule that the French follow. This rule does not only apply to women, Parisian men are also known to be very conscious of breast, skin and hair care.

If you take good care of your high, do not prepare to cover it with too much makeup. Take good care of yourself and you will already start with a beautiful canvas top, to which you just need to add a bright red lipstick.

To add some style to your Paris vacation, you should opt for a private hotel or apartment that offers the kind of experience you would like to have when visiting France. Let it be one of the famous five-star luxury hotels in Paris (Four Seasons Hotel George V, Plaza Ath9n3e, Ritz Paris, Le Meurice)…or a boutique hotel, such as the H3tel Particulier in Montmartre, to which you are transferring, is the important culture for your trip and sets the tone for your experience and for all environments. If you choose a private apartment, you really have the opportunity to live as a bet. Look for a private apartment in elegant areas such as the Marais or Saint-Germain-des-PR.

Defeating jet lag

Flights arriving in Paris from the USA and Canada take off in the evening and land in the morning, usually early enough. Getting the fuselage to do well in France, without having to travel in a bit of fog, is sure to give you a good rest from the plane journey across the Atlantic. It’s definitely worth traveling in first class if it’s within your budget or switching to seats with more legroom. This way you will be satisfied when you arrive in Paris.

If you are very tired on your first day in Paris because of the time change, do your best not to deal with fatigue and do not sleep. If you can get through this day first and go to bed at a relatively normal time, you will usually get up and spend your two days at a normal time in the morning to face the city.

When you arrive in Paris, whether by plane or train, navigating the RER and metro with large suitcases can be very complicated. You may be charged for renting a private car service that you bought at the airport or train station and took to your hotel or apartment, which indicates that you will have to queue for a taxi. Alternatively, there are buses that go directly from the airports to the sights of central Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Gare de Lyon and the Opera House. These buses are very comfortable and have WiFi on board.

Now that you’ve arrived in Paris and settled into your hotel, How Will you spend the rest of your city of Lights tour in style?