Bangkok is a hotspot for luxury travel, where you can stay at some of the best luxury hotels in the area and dine at award-winning gourmet restaurants. The culinary scene has long been considered diverse and experimental, so it is to be expected that some of the most important hotels and restaurants were at the forefront of the worldwide boom in plant-based catering. The team behind Green Monday has played a key role in this growth, working with facilities across the city to ensure that plant-based luxury becomes a reality in Bangkok.

Green Monday is a Hong Kong social enterprise that promises sustainability and a plant-based lifestyle. Since their launch on Earth Day in 2012, they have been raising awareness of the links between nutrition and the environment and advocating for a healthy plant-based diet that reduces the ecological footprint and improves public health. Founded in Thailand in October 2019, the company has partnered with hotels and restaurants to develop plant-based dishes and menus, many of which incorporate the Revolutionary Beyond Meat and the changeable omnimeat. It’s the future of food and we love it…

Grand Mercure Sukhumvit Bangkok * * *

It’s fair to start with the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, which was a leader in Bangkok as a plant pioneer. Since becoming the first luxury hotel in Bangkok to offer Beyond Burger in September 2019, they now offer plant-based products on each of their menus. The dining room is your all-day dining room, where breakfast offers a variety of plant-based options. We loved the chia banana pudding and homemade coconut yogurt from the buffet and the avocado on multigrain bread with chia seeds and old tomatoes from the A la carte menu was excellent. Lunch and dinner options include sushi, noodles, Arabic dishes, and burgers, to name a few. all herbs and everything is clearly indicated in the full menu.

The dining room has 20 appetizers, soups, salads and vegetable appetizers on the menu, and the Erawan bakery offers a trio of super nutritious plant-based smoothies. Trust us when we say Pandan was coconut-crushing, water, coconut, the chair, coconut, cream, coconut, coconut sugar and infused in Pandan. Delicious. For Street Thai cuisine like ” Phad Kapao “or” Larb Tord”, both with a meal, go home and meet. The “Larb tords” were excellent spicy canapes, fried with omnimeat meat, topped with grilled rice that offered a crunchy texture and a nutty flavor. You got the idea? Offering an incredible array of herbal benefits, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok is one of the most vegan-friendly luxury hotels we’ve ever visited. Well done.

The Little Palace, Bangkok

Peninsula Bangkok means luxury and enjoys an enviable location on the riverbank. They also offer a selection of upscale restaurants where you can enjoy vegan dishes as part of their partnership with Green Monday. Breakfast at River Caf9 & Terrace is the ideal place to enjoy the Chao Praya River View and enjoy plant-based specialities. You’ll find the largest selection of superfood seeds and powders we’ve ever seen that you can do without your vegetable yogurt or chia almond pudding. Vegan options also include a selection of fruit quinoa sago granola bars or grape chocolate balls and acai wheatgrass. All of this combined to create a really healthy start to the day, which can be continued with great healthy lunch options in the lobby. Yes, you can try a Beyond Burger if you want, but we decided to make a light, tasty and simply delicious Agnolotti pasta dish with a Beyond Meat side dish. Pickled lemon, almond mousse, crispy quinoa crackers, pickled pumpkin cubes and pea puree together make a divine vegetable food dish.

During our stay, we also had lunch at Mei Jiang and dinner at Thiptara restaurant. The two were unforgettable meals in the lead role: a creative plant-based cuisine for various dishes. The humble tom O (pomelo salad) sound at Thiptara was prepared table-side, which created theatre and added some time to the experience. Packed with flavour and texture and served in a fresh coconut; it was really impressive. A notable dish from the excellent Mei Jiang (believe us when they say it was hard to choose) was “sautéed mixed vegetables and beetroot omnimeat with pumpkin sauce.” Beautifully presented with bright colors that make us smile. The White Pumpkin was stuffed with chopped vegetables and omnimeat and placed in a creamy pumpkin sauce. Vegan gourmet cuisine at the highest level.

Hotel Das Athenee, a luxury hotel, Bangkok

The last stop of our luxurious plant-based tour in Bangkok was Athenee Hotel, a luxury hotel with an illustrated history, built on the site of a former Royal Palace. Princess Valaya Alongkorn, daughter of King Rama V, called The Palace her home in the early 20th century and these imperial connections were incorporated into the design of this luxury estate. However, with regard to their culinary offer, they enthusiastically turned to the future. In the destination directory you will find a menu of green Mondays for rest throughout the day, Regenbaumcaf, where you can enjoy a delicious plant-based breakfast. Vegan Sushi? Check. Curry vegans? Check. Vegan Sorbet? Check. Is Dim Sum vegan? Check. You get the idea. You will also find a team of staff who are happy to impress and prepared us a duet with rich and delicious Thai dishes. First, a moderna version of a Thai classic, The “Pad Krapao” (from the Green Monday menu) with the flavor-changing omnimeat, followed by cubes of sintered tofu in a rich sweet and sour tamarind sauce. It was a very good vegan breakfast.

Athenee Hotel’s 3rd floor offers a selection of fine Thai, Japanese, Cantonese or French dishes, all suitable for vegan guests. With a herbal menu, Allium Bangkok offers you the opportunity to discover the extraordinary talent of chef Roxanne, who is reinventing moderna French cuisine with her talented touch and charisma. They were simply called “Chiang Mai Tomatoes, the” anything but simple and consisted of sun-dried tomatoes, the ice cream for gazpacho, the tomatoes, the meringue with tomatoes, fries, crispy tomatoes and a ball with the tomato soup, which when consumed the whole thing (you have to do it, it creates an explosion of taste in the mouth. Wow. Just a few doors down, you can discover the Royal Thai cuisine of Lisse Curry house, where chef Montri works his magic creating dishes from the four regions of Thailand. Whenever possible with organic ingredients, the dishes are fresh, tasty and authentic with a Moderna and elegant touch. Our red curry was rich and full of intense flavors, our glutinous mango rice was refined and tasty, but it was the grapefruit salad that won our hearts for being beautiful and tasty. The hardest decision we had to make was choosing the Athenaeus hotel restaurant when we return after a year!